Building badass marketing systems that don’t break.

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Hey, I’m Jay.

I design, develop, and deploy marketing systems.

Or, as I call them, dynamic content systems.

These systems give your marketing team flexibility, durability, and confidence.

Want to learn more about dynamic content systems?

I seriously support my community, and I’d love for you to help.

My 85-Point Marketing System Assessment and Dynamic Consultation are only $2050.

Part of the proceeds goes directly to Emerging Builders, a non-profit providing real-world construction skills training to at-risk young adults.

Spots are limited. Don’t neglect this opportunity to become dynamic. Get scheduled now.

Premiere Services

Unlike others, I don’t hide my prices. I don’t say, “It depends…”

Come look for yourself.



What I do is unique, kinda nerdy, and far more than just “consulting.”

Learn more by checking out these frequently asked questions.

Dynamic Content Systems work FOR you.


Calm the chaos.

If your marketing team seems like it’s all over the place, it’s because it is. Your dynamic content system can get your team out of the whirlwind. 

Coordinate your content.

Your content needs to be connected. Each piece should benefit another piece. Your dynamic content system will create that coordination.

Multiply your time.

You will save time in the long term by building a dynamic system that fuels itself. Build it now, and it will serve you for a long time. 


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