I'm the CEO of CreatorsGroup.

'CEO' is just a title. My true roles are the following:

  • Protector: I protect the CG culture, my people, and my clients. Relentlessly.
  • Provider: I build the platform for my team and clients to achieve cool shit.
  • Janitor: I'm right alongside my team and clients to clean up messes, every day.

CreatorsGroup connects Brands to Video Creators they can rely on, then we guide both of them through the messy creative process. Please get ahold of us if you are trying to navigate the business of creativity.

We're here for you.


Old stuff.

I'm working on new stuff.

I used to write a lot, then I stopped. There are definitely some gems in here, but mostly 'new writer' garbage.

Thought I'd keep it out here, though. We all had to start somewhere.

So while I work on new stuff, enjoy the wasteland that is my old stuff.

IMG_1324 2.JPG

Get ahold of me whenever, for whatever.