Working With Isolation

It’s isolating to be a founder.

And before going any further, let me be super clear: This isn’t a whine piece. This is the honest reality that aspiring founders have to be ready to embrace if they take this entrepreneurial journey.

When you’re in a position like this, you have to do things that isolate you.

You have to think of things that others don’t.

You have to make decisions that others won’t.

You have to generate ideas and share a vision that others can’t see right away.

That’s what makes it isolating.

Some founders are lonely. I’m not.

Isolation and loneliness aren’t the same thing.

If you allow it, your isolation can lead to loneliness. Don’t let it.

People still talk to you. Sometimes they yell at you.

People are still around you.

And when you reach a certain level, you can find other founders who are as isolated as you for the same reasons you are.

You don’t have to be lonely.

Something that helps me with the isolation is to embrace it.

Again, we’re isolated because of the things we have to do. NOT because we’re alone.

Embrace the responsibility of what you have to do. It’s what makes the journey worth it.

Work with your isolation.

And work better because of it.

And remember…you have the ability to NOT be lonely.

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