Why It’s Ok To Not Have Goals, But Not Ok To Lack Vision

Goals aren’t for everyone, and that’s not a cop-out.

Some people avoid setting goals because they’re afraid they won’t achieve them. That’s a poor excuse for not setting goals. That’s a cop-out.

However, despite what so many motivational speakers preach, success doesn’t hinge on upon setting goals. Setting goals might help some, and it might not help others. But they’re not make-or-break.

With that said, having a vision is crucial.


Without vision, we have no direction.

A vision of what we want or what we could become is incredibly important to our progress.

When we have vision, we have a direction. The vision gives meaning to our goals. In other words, goals without a vision don’t mean much. One way to think about vision is as the goal of the goal. The “why.”

That’s why vision can exist without goals, while goals have a tough time existing without the vision.


Crafting a vision is easier than people make it seem.

The first thing to embrace about creating a vision is that it’s ok if you don’t have one right away. It takes time to figure out what you want your life to become and to decide on the person you want to be.

Further, visions naturally evolve.

They can grow with experiences. They can grow with successes. They can grow with failures. Visions can grow with death, life, tragedy, and love.

If you’re struggling to create a vision for your business or your personal life, here’s a simple way to get started.

Fill in the last part of this question: “Wouldn’t it be cool if in a few years I’m [fill in the blank]?”

That’s your start. Build as you go, as if your life depends on it.

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