Regarding Success, There's No 'One Thing' We Can Do To Get Achieve It

We want success.

We're hungry.

We work when others don't.

We study.

We do what others won't.


But not matter what we do, it's still a guessing game.

There's no "one thing" we can do to find that success.

And even if we do everything right, there's still a chance that we won't make it.

And even if we think we're doing everything right, there's still a chance that everything we've been doing has been completely wrong.


Look at the best...what's 'the one' thing they've done?

They haven't done just one thing.

They've done a thousand 'one things' a thousand times.

Some of those things worked. Some even worked amazingly well.

But some of those things didn't work. Some even worked so bad that bridges were burned, jobs were lost, or friendships were dismantled to pieces.

That's how the game goes.


As you build, keep this in mind...

It's not just 'one thing.'

It's a thousand things.

Transformation isn't one thing. It's a thousand things done over a long stretch of time that truly transforms nothing into something. Or something into something else.

The best thing we can do is to try as hard as we can to make all of those little things point in one direction.

The direction we want to go.

This piece was inspired by single a line in Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. That line was a quote from a guy who was especially skilled at turning around failing manufacturing businesses. When I read his quote about "a thousand small things," I put the book down and wrote this. Whether I realized it or not, I've always believed in this approach. To be inspired along with me, you can pick up the book Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek right here on Amazon.

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