Jeff Bezos On Long-Term Thinking

When we have longer to do something, we do things differently.

I enjoyed listening to Jeff Bezos being interviewed by his brother.

Mark—Jeff’s brother—mentioned that many of his most insightful moments with his brother came as they sat around a camp fire talking about Jeff’s philosophy on long-term thinking.

Of course Jeff casually talked about crazy rich people shit, like how he’s helping to build a clock inside of a mountain that ticks once a year…meant to be a symbol of long-term thinking. Seriously.

But he also mentions that, “Long-term thinking is a lever. It lets you do things that you couldn’t even conceive of doing in the short term.”

He made me reflect on my recent thought patterns with my business.

And I noticed that I’ve been thinking a lot about 2020. I mean A LOT.

But what about 2025? Or 2030?

I don’t think I necessarily need a plan for those years. That’s impossible to predict, obviously.

But just as a thought exercise, what if I did think about my business throughout that time frame?

How would that affect my decisions and outlook today?

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