From Envy To Tranquility

Envy is a distraction.

And it will also make you sick.

Envy is a result of watching others do what they’re doing. Then of you comparing yourself to them.

Earlier this year I noticed that I was watching others too often. And when I’d watch, I’d judge.

I wouldn’t judge lightly, either.

Instead, I’d see their “success” and think, “Why did they get that publicity? Who do they think they are? I’ve done more than them.”

And on and on.

The envy began to feel like frustration. The frustration began to evolve into anger. Anger at myself, anger at them.

I’d find myself sitting there feeling anger towards someone who did nothing to warrant it. All they did was find a little success, and I couldn’t just be happy for them.

So I decided to change.

Instead of feeling envy, I’d say, “GOOD FOR THEM.” And mean it.

That little phrase led me from envy to tranquility.

And it helped me re-focus on what needed to be done.

(This thought was spurred by a meditation in The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.)

Candy Hustle

Chipping Away