The Hidden Definitions Of 'Bottom Line' And 'Top Line'

To see money as subordinate to people and not the other way around is fundamental to creating a culture in which the people naturally pull together to advance the business.
— Simon Sinek in Leaders Eat Last

The bottom line isn't profit.

The bottom line is people.

At the end of the day, after your employees and your team pour everything they've got into your business, what's left?

What's the margin on your people?

Is there anything left?

The bottom line has to be healthy.


The top line isn't revenue.

The top line is culture.

It's where everything starts.

After a long work day, did your expense of working outweigh your culture?

Your top line--culture--should be so positive that no expense could put you into the red.


Where money fits into this equation...

Money is both the fuel to fund your culture and make your people profitable.

Your people aren't resources. They're not even assets.

They're people.

And people are the bottom line.

Question: Is your company profitable?

This thought was inspired by that line out of Simon Sinek's book Leaders Eat LastHonestly, I don't often read leadership books like these. They can be so fluffy. But Sinek's thoughts have helped me to form my own. If you want to discover which original thoughts you could form from his writing, then you can pick up Leaders Eat Last here on Amazon.