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So, Your Company Isn’t ‘Scaleable.’ So What?

It’s the third-most popular entrepreneur cocktail party question.

The first: “So, what do you do?” (Ugh.)

The second: “How do you plan on monetizing that?” (Bleh.)

And, the third: “Is it scaleable?”


Does your company have to be scaleable?

Like most things in entrepreneurship, it depends.

It depends mostly on what you want. Do you want it to scale? Do you want it to be a huge company? Do you want it to be funded? If you do, by whom? Do you want it to go national? Do you want it to be international?

If you don’t want to do those types of things, then don’t worry about scale.

It can be that simple.


There’s only one situation in which you have to have a scaleable company.

That one situation: when you want it to be scaleable.

A horrible reason to have to have a scaleable company is if someone else wants to you have a scaleable company. It’s your company, not theirs.

Sure, you might have investors. You might have debt financing. You might have a million other factors that seem to be between you and the type of company you actually want to build.

You’re in the pilot’s seat. It’s up to you to fly the plane. It’s up to you to navigate the storm.

And, most importantly, it’s up to you to land the plane.

You have to.

So, do it.

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