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Priorities: Are You Setting Them Right?

Many of us have to-do lists.

And most of us try to prioritize those things on the list in some way or another.

I used to be a fan of using sticky notes to make my to-do lists. My desk was covered with blue sticky notes, each with the project name and to-do’s for the day written on them. In the top right corner was a number, representing which sticky note to tackle first.

It wasn't a perfect system. Now that I look over multiple ventures at once, I needed a centralized place to keep track of all tasks. That's why I moved to Asana (not an affiliate link). It's really a baller system.

So Asana makes my system more efficient...

But what about the things I've added to my asana?

Are those the right priorities?


Prioritizing our schedules vs. Scheduling our priorities.

See the difference?

It’s the difference between running errands like a busy bee and settling in with your partner for a glass of wine. It’s the difference between doing the fluff work and doing the work that truly matters. It’s the difference between floating through life and taking control of life.

Being honest with myself, I think I spend too much time prioritizing my schedule. I need to think more about scheduling my priorities.

Time to take another look at my asana dashboard.

How about you?

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