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Hey, I’m Jay.
This is where I post my thoughts & Notes on business and other things that I’m thinking about. Enjoy.

One Thing You Must Do To Win More

Wins come in many sizes.

There are huge wins, and there are small wins.

More often than not, the huge wins are a result of a series of smaller wins. Those small wins add up. Sometimes the small wins even compound. It’s a nice thing when they do.


We tend to shoot for the humongous wins.

When I think about what I want life to be like “one day,” I envision a minimalist lifestyle full of money that I spend on experiences. I dream about fulfilling my grandma’s legacy, making my dad intensely proud of my business ventures, and supporting my family in the Philippines as best as I can.

Accomplishing all of those things would be a huge win.

What kind of success do you dream about? Whatever your version of a huge win looks like, remember that huge wins come from small wins.


To win big, we’ve got to win small.

Over and over again. Small win after small win.

Whatever huge thing you’re trying to achieve, achieve the small things as often as possible. Have faith that the huge win will come, and focus on the small wins that will get you there.

The one thing we’ve got to do is believe in the power of small wins.

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