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Hey, I’m Jay.
This is where I post my thoughts & Notes on business and other things that I’m thinking about. Enjoy.

Managing A Slow Decline

My friend and I grabbed lunch on a Saturday.

Brazilian food. Beautiful weather. Deep conversation.

He’s 40 years old.

A fellow business-builder. Entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word.

Here’s something he said that really landed with me: “Most people are simply managing a slow decline.”

I’m 26 years old.

Here’s what’s happening around me. My friends are rising (or not) in their careers. They have steady paychecks. They’re spending those paychecks on student loans, dogs, fiances, and weekends.

Almost all of them are content.

Not super happy. Not fulfilled.

But content.

They might feel like they’re ready to do something else, but they’ve worked themselves into a position that makes that leap more and more difficult.

So they don’t leap.

Instead, they begin managing the slow decline.

Cleverly, the “slow decline” often disguises itself as a “slow ascent.”

Show up to your work, work, collect your check.

Spend check.

Repeat until you get a promotion.

Then repeat again.

Personally, I prefer a different route up.

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