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In Startup Mode, Resist Your Urge To Find More And Do More With More

To get more, we've got to do more. Right?

Seems intuitive, logical, and simple.

But that "logic" isn't all the way right. It's tempting to think that doing more will lead to more, especially when you're in startup mode.

We need to post more on social media.

We need to create more vlogs.

We need to sell more in person.

We need more more more.


The truth...

The more you think you need to do, the more you will have to do.

In order to post more on social media, you will need to create more content.

In order to create more vlogs for your business, you will need to take more time to create those vlogs. And you will likely need to pay more to create more.

In order to sell more in person, you need more people who can sell for you. You'll need to find them, hire them, train them, handle their paperwork, monitor their performance, and build the processes that help them deliver their products.

If this seems like it's just "what you gotta do to get more done," then this post is written specifically for you.


To do more, you don't always need more from new things.

You may be able to get more out of your old things.

I was at a jazz club not long ago. (Kansas City has a really badass jazz scene.)

The sax player was really good. He knew how to work the crowd. He did just about everything on the sax that you would expect from someone who plays at a jazz club every night.

But something I picked up--even as a complete jazz amateur--is that he knew how to get a ton out of one note. He'd hit it, hold it, and make it emotional. The crowd loved when he would play really fast and all that fancy stuff, but we actually cheered when he would hit that one note, hold it, and make it emotional.

It wasn't a new note. It was an old note.

Business can work the same way, especially for startups.


When you're strapped for resources, you'll only grow by being resourceful.

Resourcefulness = what you do with what you have.

We celebrate the stories of resourceful people: the guy who got stranded in the woods but survived off the land before being rescued, the lady who is a DIY queen, the entrepreneur who bootstrapped their way to success, etc.

But how often do we actually practice being resourceful?

Try it.

Do more with what you've got, and more will come your way.


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