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Hey Entrepreneur, Are You Thinking Small Enough?

We’re not encouraged to think smaller.

It’s always bigger.

Think bigger. Do bigger. Be bigger.

Heck, I’m even guilty of it.

Just yesterday I wrote Hey Entrepreneur, Are You Thinking Big Enough? And I don’t take it back, either. There are lots of times when we need to think bigger, but we don’t always have to think bigger.


There’s a risk associated with thinking bigger.

We run the risk of screwing up the smaller details.

When you’re at the beginning of a new venture, the small details matter just as much as the big vision.

The way you treat your first 10 customers is just as important as dreaming of your first 1000 customers. Maybe even more important. The way you treat your first employee is just as important as how you treat your next 10 employees, if not more important.

The list goes on.


We need to think bigger, and we need to think smaller.

It’s like watering a garden.

When the sprinkler is running, the water looks like single streams of water. That’s the big picture. Look closer, and you’ll see the individual drops of water that make up the life-giving streams of water. Those are the important small details.

Have the big vision, and challenge yourself to make it bigger.

But don’t overlook the details.

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Hey Entrepreneur, Are You Thinking Big Enough?