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Hey, I’m Jay.
This is where I post my thoughts & Notes on business and other things that I’m thinking about. Enjoy.

Feeling Stuck? This Will Only Take A Second.

Things might not be great right now.

There are many versions of very tough situations.

We can’t control what we’re born into. We don’t have much control over our earliest years. And we often don’t have a lot of influence over things that others do.

Control is a fickle thing.


Here are things we can control.

We can control our very next move.

We can control how much time we spend on the couch when we need to be doing something else.

We can control how many skills we teach ourselves that make us more valuable.

We can control how we choose to show others we care for them.

We can control what food we consume, and we can control the information we consume, too.

We can control our very next moves, and we can control how big our goals are and what they look like.


Don’t give up.

Things may be bleak. Things might seem dark. You may feel stuck.

But things aren’t over.

Plot your next move, move, and do it again.

You've got a brand new year ahead of you.

Don’t give up.

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