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Do You Have To Be A Famous Entrepreneur To Be A Great Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are reaching celebrity status.

They’ve got tons and tons of fans, they’re dating supermodels and actors, and people everywhere are looking to them for answers about topics often unrelated to entrepreneurship.

This probably won’t last forever.

But it’s true right now, and so it begs the question: Do you have to be a famous entrepreneur to be a great entrepreneur?


Do you?

Do you have to start the podcast or write that book?

Do you have to speak at conferences?

Do you have to broadcast live on Facebook, be the center of attention of an incredible Instagram account, or put more focus on your personal brand?

Do you have to be a thought leader?


Of course not.

Because entrepreneurs have become celebrities, it’s very easy to think that popularity and greatness are the same things. They’re not.

You and I could list out 10 famous-but-not-great people in 10 seconds, couldn’t we?

Popularity and greatness aren’t equal. In the world of smarter people than me, they call that a false equivalency. So don’t be fooled.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do any of the above.

Go ahead, start the podcast and write the book. Speak at conferences. Work hard to be seen as a thought leader. Nail your Facebook live broadcasts, build a powerful following on Instagram, craft your personal brand. Make the moves you want to make.

Just understand this truth: the vast majority of great entrepreneurs aren’t famous.

They’re quiet.

That’s an option for you, too.

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