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A Short Letter To The Entrepreneurs Pulling '16-Hour Days'

Hey, I won’t take too much of your time.

I’ve got the feeling you’re busy.

It takes a lot of work to build a business. That’s the truth. Really, it takes more work than a lot of people want to believe. That’s why so many people buy into the idea of shortcuts. And that’s why so many people sell the idea of shortcuts, too.

The “I’m-looking-for-shortcuts” people are on one end of the spectrum. Then there are the people on the other end of the spectrum, and they’re just as full of it: the “All-I-do-is-hustle” people.

Before you hustlers go and grab your torches and pitch forks, let me explain.

Hustle isn’t a problem; bragging about it is.

Too many people who are hurting their actual productivity because they’re not hustling as much as they claim they are. It’s hurting their psyche. It’s killing their vibe. It’s screwing their mind.

Let’s talk ROI.

There aren’t many times when talking about our hustle has a big return on investment. Think about it.

You feel a little better about yourself, while the other person feels a little worse. Or annoyed with you. Or insecure. Or even worse, worthless. What’s the point?

There are exceptions, of course.

You might be motivating them or trying to show them what you think is the truth, but I doubt that these are the majority of your conversations when you’re bragging about hustle.

I’ll tell you the best part about hustling your face off for 16 hours a day: the fucking results.

And don’t results speak for themselves?

They will if you’re actually hustling like you say you are.

Let’s stay quiet, and let’s keep building.


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