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These are the things I use on the daily.

Heads up: some of these things are affiliate links, which means I'll get something in return for you clicking through them. I'll tell you when they are. But most aren't affiliates. Regardless of whether they're affiliate or not, I actually use these things unlike some other peeps on the Internets who just throw up affiliate links to get mula. Ew. Alright, enjoy :)



Books & Podcasts



How I Built This with Guy Raz is my absolute favorite business podcast. He conducts fantastic interviews with awesome entrepreneurs. I learn best from stories--not how-to's--so this podcast is perfect for my style.

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Book (affiliate link)

Built To Sell by John Warrillow is one of the few biz books I've read more than once. I actually use it as a quick reference, too, so I'm pulling it off the shelf all the time. If you're trying to build a business that runs without you, read it.

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book (affiliate link)

I have a love-hate relationship with The Lean Startup by Eric Reis. On one hand, no other book has had a bigger influence on how I approach projects. On the other hand, not other startup book has been as misunderstood by new entrepreneurs. Influential read.

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StartUp produced by Gimlet Media provides one of the realest looks at entrepreneurship that you can find. Becoming an entrepreneur is sexy right now, and StartUp does an incredible job of showing the unsexy aspects of starting a business.

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Book (affiliate link)

This book has saved me. Accounting For The Numberphobic by Dawn Fotopulos gave me the most practical accounting advice ever. I've taken courses and all that, but the way Fotopulos broke things down just made sense to my feeble brain.



Software & Tools

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I use QuickBooks for every single venture. It's the first accounting software that I trust, and I love how the dashboard lays everything out for me.

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video capture (affiliate link)

This is the gear and pack that all our crews use. You definitely don't need a pro camera and all the gadgets to get started in video. But if you're ready to commit to the practice, then go with what we go with: Canon EOS 80d w/ Advanced Photo and Travel Bundle.

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payment processing

While I do use PayPal and other processors from time to time, my favorite platform is Square. It's not just simple to use, but it's also really easy to customize and teach to employees.

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computer protection (affiliate link)

I live on the edge when it comes to my phones. NO CASE! But I don't risk it to get the biscuit when it comes to my Mac. No way. I've used Incase sleeves since day one. They've got some other cool products like backpacks and other bags. I just stick with the simple soft case.

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I built this on Squarespace because I'm too dumb and strapped for time to build sites on anything else. Believe me, I've tried. And I've failed.

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project tracking

I used Asana way back in its early days...and hated it. But now I love it because I can feed all my projects into one dashboard. Super efficient.

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graphic design

Please please please do not pay a graphic designer unless you absolutely have to and it won't hurt your wallet. Just use a Canva template.

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Health & Fitness

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travel fitness (affiliate link)

I decided to give TRX a try after I heard the founder's story on How I Built This. Fell in love. When I'm at the gym, I use it to warm up and burn out. When I'm on the road, it's the only thing I've got if I don't have a gym.

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Weighted vest (affiliate link)

Put this bad boy on before running hills, stair training, or your pushup/pullup/dip sets. That's what I do if I'm not being a wussy. It's one of those things where I always feel better and worse after using it. That's how I know it worked.

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mobility & recover (affiliate link)

Foam rollers suck, and they also are the universe's gift to humanity. The TriggerPoint GRID is my favorite because it's small and textured. Yay.

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Mental performance (affiliate link)

A cofounder let me try some of this one time, and I honestly couldn't understand why it worked so well. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil gets me zoned in like crazy.

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stability (affiliate)

I've had 3 shoulder surgeries from my baseball days. No matter what lifts and exercises I do, I don't feel stable until I use my BodyBlade.

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