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"We clean your car wherever you are."

This is one of my favorite ventures that I've launched. The concept is very simple: We come to you to detail your car. But there are a couple things that make us different than other car detailers. 1) We come to you, and 2) We think everyone deserves a detail. Usually details are reserved for fancy cars. What we want to do is change the way our customers look at details. Instead of a luxury, we want people to see details the same way they look at a trip to the salon...once a month to look and feel good.


"Mixtapes that matter."

I absolutely love good hip hop. It's the genre I relate closest to, so I was pumped when I met Mark Serrano, the founder of Mixtape Monkey. He started collecting mixtapes when he was in high school, and he hasn't stopped. When we met, MM had gone in a direction he wasn't happy with. So we teamed up to monetize the venture and to get it back on track. He's done a great job of getting the site back to its roots.


"The easiest way to look everywhere."

This is the fastest growing venture I'm involved with. We handle the PR, booking, and video production for emerging influencers who are making peoples' lives better. This has honestly been the funnest founding team I've worked with, and I think our clients can feel that dynamic. After one of our sales pitches, one (eventual) client said, "That pitch was actually fun!" We loved that.


"Better games and better exposure."

Baseball is the best game on earth. I'm biased, but it's really one of the few games in the world that is naturally loaded with life lessons. The youth sports industry is massive, and the stakes are higher than ever (for the parents) when it comes to college scholarships. V ("Five") Tool Showcases started down in Texas in 2013. I took a team to play in one of their tournaments, and I immediately noticed the difference between them and other tournaments. I teamed up with two of my best friends and proudly brought the V Tool model to the Midwest.


"A community of tech entrepreneurs and pros outside of Silicon Valley."

I met the founder of Powderkeg online. Yeah, sounds weird, but that's exactly what happened. I bet if someone searched hard enough they could find the first comment I left on one of Matt Hunckler's interviews. We clicked, and we both saw an opportunity to bring his model to Kansas City. So a year later, we did. Badass tech companies hop on stage, and their pitches get published in Forbes, HuffPost, Ince, and more. Now we're connecting our tech communities in cities outside of Silicon Valley in a way that hasn't been done before. 

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"The intersection of face-melting hustle and rejuvenating mindfulness."

Hustle and mindfulness have somehow become enemies in popular culture. But we don't think they're adversaries. Actually, we think the people who can combine the two will be our next wave of leaders in every industry. SmarterHustle will help people create that wave with content, products, and more. COMING SOON.

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