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The Beauty Of The Right Isolation

The Beauty Of The Right Isolation

It's not a jail cell.

Isolation has a negative connotation. 

Some view it as a punishment. Like a jail cell. If you can't abide by the rules, then you're sent away to be by yourself.

As if being by yourself is a punishment.


What if isolation was a signal instead of punishment?

You and I are most likely not facing jail time.

And you and I most likely don't have a huge problem with being by ourselves for at least part of our journey.

And just maybe being by ourselves is a sign that we're onto something daring enough to scare others away.

I think we should stay in that space.


When it becomes impossible to explain, stop trying to explain it.

Few others need to understand the work we do, the dreams we're chasing, or the future we're building.

Our ego is the only thing that makes us want others to understand.

Starve that ego. Make it silent. It's got no place near us.

We'll feel isolated when others don't fully understand our outsized ambitions. Don't worry about it. If you've got the opportunity and good fortune to be able to chase down your most daring ambition, then do it.

Downsizing it will torture you.

In a real way, downsizing is the true punishment.


In the right isolation, you're not alone.

There are people like me right there with you.

There aren't many of us, but there are more of us than we might think when we're feeling the most isolated.

Trust yourself. Keep your ambitions large. Continue to build on your vision.

You're in the right isolation.

And to be the only one together is beautiful.

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