On a mission.

We’re on a mission to decarcerate the US.

By developing the next generation of reformists and decarcerators through content, resources, and connections.

By providing fierce marketing guidance to orgs whose efforts ultimately lead to decarceration.

And by building a coalition among the reformists, decarcerators, and organizations.

Reformists & Decarcerators.

We define a reformist as someone who changes the systems and ideas that have led to and perpetuate mass incarceration.

And to us, a decarcerator is someone who lowers the number of people who are currently–or destined to be–incarcerated.

Fierce marketing guidance.

Not your ordinary marketers. Not an agency that plays you. Not the people who sign you and forget you.

Marketers who only accept extraordinary. An agency that studies the system and how to dismantle it. The people who focus on the goal, long after you sign.

Service levels for every budget if you’re decarcerating the system.

A coalition.

We build coalitions.

Some people think that a coalition is the same as a network, but it isn’t. A network is a set of loose and strong ties. The ties are connected, but passive.

Coalitions are active.

They’re strategic. They’re usually temporary. They’re always formed to reach an ultimate goal.

While you do the work, we think of which connections need to be made.

Our approach.

We’ve studied movements. We’re students of persuasion. We’re players of the game.

We’ve lost. We’ve been humbled. And because of those two things, we’ve won.

We’re on a marathon. We’re focused on the mission. We’re determined.

We’re fierce. We’re versatile. And above all, we’re relentless.

Meet Jay.

I’ve spent my entire career designing advanced marketing campaigns.

But never for something as important as decarceration.

2019 was a pivotal year for me. I was running a dynamic video production company. We had grown to 14 people in 3 years. We had shoots all over the world.

But something was missing. The work wasn’t meaningful enough. I’d think, “If I’m this good at what I do, then why am I wasting my talent on selling widgets?”

A change was coming. But I had no idea what that change would be.

Until I read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

Then I knew. I knew because that book explained what I had seen as a kid. It explained an environment that I took for granted. I knew what I needed to do.

I jumped. From selling widgets to spreading some of the most important ideas in the world.

Ideas about decarceration and criminal justice reform.